Hybrid And Twist Loc Paddle

Made and fitted by hand, the edges on Viper’s holsters are contoured, polished and the holster mouth has a slight flare. Each one is made, then hand-tuned, like a watch, to make sure the balance and function is right. It’s an often ignored step. You can “assemble” parts, but unless you “tune” them they won’t work their best.

The Hybrid is feather-light and showcases a lamination of vegetable-tanned leather for your “skin” side. Hide for your hide? This inside-the-waistband rig is thin, while still covering the gun well. The design allows a full firing grip, and the clip is rugged and securely affixed to the holster’s Kydex body. I found it well-suited for what it’s designed for — deep concealment and comfort.

The Twist Loc Paddle Holster is one of my favorite types of CCW holster. I like the ability to quickly remove a “belt” holster if needed, yet have it be secure. Outside the belt, strong-side carry is my favorite, and the unique “paddle” on the Twist Loc makes that easy. You take just the holster and turn it 90 degrees to your belt, “muzzle” to the rear. Placing the paddle side toward you above the waist, rotate it until the muzzle is down. This allows the curved edges of the paddle to “roll” behind your belt, while resting behind your pants. It sort of “grabs” the bottom of the belt through your pant’s material. The fact it doesn’t extend below your belt means it can be more comfortable than conventional paddles, which can dig into your hip. A quick twist off (rotate the bottom of the holster forward) and it comes right off. I liked this rig a lot.