Weighty Panache

Of course, this is all fiction and 009.5 only exists in my imagination based on the plethora of adventure novels I read. But the attraction to the gun is real. Even now, several weeks after first getting my hands on the Q4, I love to hold it, dry fire it and think about the next range trip. It’s similar to how a car guy would feel about the chance to drive an Italian sports car — or in my case a full-fendered 34 Ford hot rod.

All steel guns. Aren’t they heavy? Why, sure. Heavy like my 40 oz. Colt Q45 Marine 1911. Heavy like the new SIG 320 X5 Legion. Heavy like the
SIG P226 the SEALs carry. Speaking of the P226, the Q4 fits right into a couple of my IWB/OWB holsters made for the P226, and that’s saving me money! I know people balk at carrying a gun weighing anywhere close to 2 lbs., but lots of us do. It’s simply a matter of having the right belt/holster combination. I am admittedly a big guy around the midsection, but I have buddies who are beanpoles who carry big guns because they like them, and the right holster makes it not a problem.