Part 4


Let’s summarize the background-check problems once and for all, as the Democrats now control the House of Representatives. Their effort to ban guns, cleverly disguised as these innocent-sounding background-checks, will be exposed.

First, don’t forget why they’re on the front burner again. The House is dominated by anti-gun legislators who have now come out of their closets and passed two gun-denial bills back-to-back (H.R.8 and H.R.1112). Second, this is motivated by schoolchildren legitimately and desperately seeking to stop other children from mass-murdering them. But why a handful of schoolkids are becoming psychotic monsters isn’t remotely addressed — or deterred — by background checks.

If these checks don’t affect the serious problem, then why do them? Adults pulling the kids’ strings have manipulated them into pushing for this long-time goal of the gun-ban adults. So, the country teeters on the brink of gun-owner registration and disarmament under false rubrics of stopping psychotic mass murderers.


Insiders understand the main purpose of background checks is to gather the names of gun owners, which it does quite well, thank you. Background checks ignore the problem of sociopathic children who want to murder their classmates. Mass murderers have never been stopped by checks; that’s just the evidence. If the goal was really to prevent mass murder, we’d be doing something else.

Even the crime-fighting value for background checks is extremely low, especially compared to cost. If costs of the system were instead applied directly to crime-fighting, crime would drop.

The system falsely denies innocent people’s constitutional rights constantly without effective due process. People turned down can’t be convicted of anything. John Lott’s research puts the figure at better than 95 percent. Convictions of criminals trying to buy guns are abysmal — in the two digits out of tens of thousands of denials and millions of checks. And learning if you’re on the secret list is banned. Getting off if you’re falsely denied a purchase is extremely difficult.

Private Options

It’s impossible to enforce background checks on private transfers, the new step in Democrat strategy — and the very purpose of H.R.8. To fix the transfer “problem,” total gun-owner registration must be introduced, as it’s “common sense” and a logical next step even though it too cannot disarm criminals. The private-transfer ban of an “improved” background check system turns innocent acts of handing a gun to someone you know into a felony. Non-crimes become crimes, increasing the number of people who become gunless by law.

The registration system must list every gun everyone has, so government agents can decide if you still have everything you had — no more, no less. Deviation is proof you’re in violation, subjecting you to arrest and confiscation of every gun you own.

Inevitable innocent inventory errors will be treated as presumption of guilt with proof of innocence placed on your shoulders, at your expense, a corruption of and the exact opposite of our justice system. A one percent error rate equals 3,500,000 new crimes annually.

Every gang member, mental case, would-be murderer and also a hundred million decent Americans who are already armed are ignored by background checks, making it superfluous. Think about that. This fuss is about new psychos and murderers who get their first gun — at retail. Didn’t the media or antis think this through? Real crime-fighting dollars are blocked by Democrats who want more money for this charade. This is the real problem.

Armed-criminal research shows background checks do nothing. Villains use straw buyers with no criminal record. Or, they smuggle guns as easily as fentanyl, coke, pot, etc. Or, they just steal them. Why doesn’t the “news” explain this?

The Solution

Background checks can be conducted without gathering everyone’s name, but politicians and bureaucrats refuse this, because it’s really the names they want — they know the checks accomplish little else. The desperados list can be securely circulated like wanted posters to gun dealers, to check locally at point-of-purchase, for a fraction of the cost. Instead, it’s the usual suspects: leftist/socialist/statists, useful idiots, uninformed media, misinformed schoolkids, hoplophobes, apparatchiks and more who want government surveillance expanded — and you — disarmed.

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