There it was! An ominous compressed spring, ready to unleash its fury. A simple plastic hook was the only thing containing the powerful energy of the constricted spring. The hook (sear) was a simple lever that pivoted on the trigger pin, attached to the trigger itself. It was a marvelous example of simple plastic injection molding manufacturing.

As I tickled the trigger, I could see the spring hook move. Thinking back, peering down the bore of a cocked dart gun wasn’t my brightest idea. But it did give me a great view of how a dart gun worked.

Trying to figure out how to do a plastic trigger job, I wiggled the trigger too much, releasing the sear, unleashing the rage of the tempered steel spring. I can still see, and feel, it after all these years.

All I saw were orange spots. I staggered back into the house and yelled what every mom fears hearing, “Mom, I just shot my eye out!” Sitting in the backseat, I surmised the coiled death spring must have had a case of barrel runout, tagging my borescope (eyeball). With the car on autopilot, mom took me on another trip to the ER. I had to wear a white eye-patch for about a week. I was disappointed I didn’t get a cool black one.