A Close Look At: Defense & Security

Protecting What's Yours: Personal Defense & Security

If you’re reading Handgunner, you’ve likely already committed yourself to assuring the safety of your loved ones by putting what you read into practice — buying high-quality equipment and having solid training. We wouldn’t take bets on you playing the role of “victim” in a fight. However, sometimes you need to keep your gear stashed away from tiny prying fingers or your nosy mother-in-law.

Lucky for you, there’s a healthy cross-section of compact safes available to suit your needs for securing your handguns and other important items. Keeping these things safe will ensure you’re able to access them when the need arises, and keep people out who shouldn’t be around ’em!


Bringing modular safes “you can assemble anywhere,” SnapSafe’s Little Titan will provide ample protection for your handguns, your wife’s jewelry — even your mint collection of comic books she almost threw out. Thanks to the Kwik-Lock Modular Assembly System, the Little Titan can move from room to room as needed — its piece-by-piece assembly can be done in minutes without the need for tools. Sledgehammer and pry-bar resistant, it can withstand temps up to 2,300oF for an hour. One key benefit in the safe’s SecuRam digital lock is it’s non-volatile memory, which is able to retain the combination even when the battery is removed from it.



When you think of Hornady, you think of the ammunition company making precise, accurate rounds, right? Well, after handling the RAPiD Safe, you’ll think of Hornady a bit differently. This handgun safe uses patent-pending Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for instant access. If you place the included RFID bracelet, card or key fob over the safe’s reader, it opens and your handgun is instantly presented to you — enabling you to quickly assume a firing grip. The RAPiD Safe is able to house a single 1911 or revolver at any length up to 6″. A 1,500-pound-rated cable ensures this safe won’t be going anywhere other than your nightstand.


Pepper spray

Non-lethal options abound when it comes to self-defense and pepper spray is a reliable option. Pepper Enforcement knows a thing or two about pepper spray and their 10% Law Enforcement Formula packs quite a punch, with several sizes available and flip-tops with ridges for a steady grip. This “spicy” formula is rated at 2 million SHU. Depending on the state you live in and whether or not you’re part of an LE agency, additional options are up for grabs.




Looking very sleek and almost out of a sci-fi movie, the GunBox comes in three models: RF, Biometric and Premier. The Premier model has a cross-section of handy features to give you peace of mind, whether for when you need to access it or for when you’re out of the house. This model has a 360 biometric fingerprint scanner (able to hold multiple fingerprints), an RFID scanner, internal motion/vibration sensors with an audible alarm and even a 24/7 monitoring, GPS tracking and alert notification system for a monthly subscription fee. All models have two USB ports for charging devices or connecting accessories, so you can charge your phone and USB-compatible flashlight.