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Top Tools Tempting You Terrifically

Tired of wasting you hard-earned cash on gear that just takes up space? So am I! Here are a few of my space-saving favorites. Not only are these easy to stow in tight places — they’re also easy on your wallet!

The EarShield by Otis is available in 26 and 31 dB levels of protection. And, there’s no batteries, so there’s no “feedback” inside the muff. It uses new sound reduction chamber technology. Maybe the best part? The new sleek design won’t get in the way of a comfortable cheek weld. At around 20 bucks MSRP these are easy to buy to throw in any range bag. The earmuffs of yesterday have been streamlined into the EarShield of today.

BlackBeardBelts’ Peacekeeper belt is made with a nearly indestructible polymer/nylon blend and is rated at 4,500 lbs. tensile strength. The Peacekeeper has 9" of adjustability at 1/4" increments, yet even with all the ruggedness, it’s still extremely comfortable. This versatility means you can easily adjust between carry options — and guns. And that big dinner out, eh? The quick release is easy to use too, so getting the belt off doesn’t have to be a fight!

Not your average fanny pack! The Marathon GunPack from Elite Survival performs the duties of a runner’s belt and concealment pack. It’s constructed of ballistic nylon and water-resistant neoprene for durability. The GunPack comes in two sizes, ready to accommodate micro pistols through compacts. In addition to holding a gun tightly in place, it also carries 14 oz. of liquid as well as your cell phone and has a fully adjustable belt. The Marathon GunPack is the jogger’s new best friend, and I use mine all the time. Or at least when I actually jog. Which I do, sometimes. Honest.

Wilder Tactical stacking system makes the most of the space on your belt. Wilder pouches are made of highly durable nylon with a self-tightening cord, keeping your gear snug at all times. These pouches are ready to go with your vest, belt, or any other looping attachment rigs and my favorite Blade-Tech quick release clasps. I especially love their tourniquet pouch, slim and stackable right on top of another magazine, or you can stick a magazine in it too.

Talon Grips are the “go-to” upgrade for any handgun, and no gunsmith required. Talon Grips provide full coverage on the sides of the grip, including above the thumb rest. This grip enhancement adheres extremely well even with a textured frame. Each set is custom designed to fit your specific gun, too. Installation requires no tools and if you want to remove your Talon Grips it doesn’t leave any sticky residue behind. I hate that. Talon Grips are available in both granulate and rubber texture, so you can get them for both your everyday carry and your favorite range gun.

The Relic series paddle holster from JM4 Tactical is your next favorite OWB. The Relic has “teeth” installed to grab onto clothing. The clip on the Relic has an exaggerated flare, preventing any extra movement. This unique design means the holster will do its job and stay in place when you draw the gun. Imagine that. The Relic’s design is a fusion of Hermann Oak Leather and a Boltaron polymer shell. This marriage of materials makes the holster silent and stable on the draw. Yeah, I know, I said marriage when talking about holsters. It can happen.

Pro-Shot Splattershot Targets are a must-have for any range bag. Splattershot targets are perfect, whether you’re training a new shooter or dialing in your own precision shots. These peel and stick targets give instant feedback with a ring of confirmation and the sticky dots mean you can do it over and over again. The high visibility response from the contrast of the “splatter” just might save you the trouble of having to walk downrange to access your dope. If the business reasons don’t convince you, they’re just plain fun! Kids love ’em too, which is a good thing. So okay, I pulled a shot on the target in the picture.

Mec-Gar says they’ve made 100 million magazines so no wonder they’ve got it right. The carbon steel tubes are heat-treated for strength, so there’s more to this than meets the eye. They’re made even more durable with high-tensile music wire springs and steel followers. No messing around here. Mec-Gar has been making magazines for over 50 years, and is the supplier to many gun makers and custom gunsmiths. I’d call this “qualified” to make magazines for we mere mortals, eh?

NovX says “Move over lead — the range is getting cleaner.” Okay, I said this, not NovX, but it’s still true. Our test NovX 9MM+P cartridge has a stainless-steel case loaded with a 65-gr. bullet. Don’t underestimate this non-expander, the 9MM+P is traveling at 1,710 fps. According to NovX, the fluted projectile is designed to inflict “devastating tissue damage.” NovX designed this ammo with more energy and velocity but with less recoil (lightweight bullets mean less thump in the hand). Does this mean faster follow-up shots? You have to shoot it and find out for yourself. We think so from our initial shooting impressions.

The Stack-ON AOTT — Auto Open Table Top — safe is where security meets accessibility. The AOTT can be equipped with either a keypad lock or a biometric fingerprint scanner. The live-action bolts provide security while the foam-lined interior protects the contents. Once programmed, your fingerprint is recognized, the door opens, and the contents are illuminated. The AOTT can be mounted to almost any surface. At an MSRP of around $100 how can you not have one? Amazing how affordable this sort of technology is these days.

Pro-Shot gets a two-fer this go-around. Their line of bright green bore tools caught my eye. The flag (in the gun) shows everyone the chamber is clear. Those two other goodies are bore “lights” fitting into chambers or muzzles to bring a bit of light into the darkness. Shine a flashlight onto ’em to brighten things up even more. The bigger one (top right) is for, um, bigger bores. At about $3 to $5 depending on the model, don’t be a cheapskate. The gun is S&W’s new Shield .380 EZ that’s on the cover.

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