Accurizer Sealant Kit


Put your thinking cap on for this one. The vast majority of commercial ammo (including those sold to law enforcement) is not sealed. During my police career I recall at least one on-duty shooting where contaminated powder (from the cop using WD-40 on his gun) caused low velocities and under-performing ammo, putting the cops in danger. A company called HERNON Manufacturing is world famous for sealant technology and has developed hundreds of specific formulations to seal everything from electronics to, yes — ammo. This product, “Accurizer,” is a kit containing a proprietary HERNON sealant specifically designed for consumer application to loaded ammo. One drop at the primer and one at the case mouth, then exposure to IR light (including sunlight) for a few seconds, cures it, sealing the ammo against water and contaminants pretty much forever. It won’t harm powders or primers and distributes itself around the inside of the case neck and primer pocket. I asked what if the ammo got submerged in, say, penetrating lubricant for a few weeks? They said, “Well, you should dry it off before you fire it.”

The kit shown has one special container holding 0.34 oz. (10ml) of what they call “dual action anaerobic/UV cure” sealant, applicator nozzles, a UV light and directions. This is enough to seal 2,000 rounds of .223/handgun ammo, at about a penny a round! A side benefit is the needed force to “pull” the bullets goes up dramatically (from, say 50 to 100 pounds to several hundred pounds), making velocity and performance more uniform. Testing has shown marked improvements in accuracy, and it can really improve .22 LR loads too. I’ve tried it personally on bulk .22 LR loads and groups were cut in about half. It’s all about consistency. We’ll have more on this exciting new product later. MSRP on this kit is about $41.95. For more info:
, Ph: (800) 527-0004

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