Alien Gear For Earthlings

Boldly Exploring New Frontiers

Alien Gear will help you find your inner alien. They also make great gun belts and suspenders.

Alien Gear, provider of innovative holster systems for mere earthlings, forged an intergalactic partnership with a few new companies, broadening their product line and providing us with more cool gear. Tedder Industries, makers of Alien Gear have added Bigfoot Gun Belts and Tactica Defense Fashion — shooting gear designed for women — to the family. But don’t let the last name fool you, there’re some things us guys wouldn’t mind having too from this galactic gear trilogy.

The Alien Gear Shape-Shift system allows one holster to serve many needs
including, IWB, OWB, car and even bedside.

Shape-Shifting Holsters

We’re all familiar with Alien Gear holsters, the synthetic system built for comfort and compatibility between humanoid and gun. This year they’ve released the Shape-Shift System. Just as it sounds, it’s a way to shift, or shape your carry mode, depending on your needs for the day. The System offers various ways of carrying IWB, OWB and even a nifty way to safely mount your shooter in your vehicle for quick access.

The adaptable concept starts with the packaging, serving as part of the instruction system. Select the carry system you want and pick the proper base. Lifting the inner lid reveals the hardware options to go with your carry choice. There’s a detailed instruction manual included, but who reads those? If you’re like me, and get confused, the manual does make it easy. There’s also a useful website to walk you through the process — even simpler!

This Cloak Chest shoulder rig is perfect for the outdoorsman wanting a no-nonsense, comfortable rig that won’t get in the way while wearing a back- or waist-pack. The soft, cushioned base is anchored to your torso with durable woven nylon. The CoolVent neoprene allows contact area to breathe with its wicking action, while protecting your gun. A custom molded shell covers the trigger guard for safety offering a secure fit.

Bigfoot Gun Belts supplies gear to support your gun and your pants. The Steel-Belted- Belt features a rugged but flexible stainless-steel core providing maximum weight- bearing support. Combined with triple-edge finishing on the English bridle leather, tough roller buckle hardware and durable directional snaps, this belt will never let you, or your britches, down.

Funny things happen to the male species of humanoids as we age — our britches need help defying gravity. Here’s the really cool thing: Suspenders are trendy! What distinguished, cranky old geezer would be complete without suspenders? Roy wears them, and he’s not even cranky. Well, not usually. Coming from Bigfoot Gun Belts, you know they’re made from the same classic English bridle leather, too. Elastic bands in the back guarantee utmost support, comfort and function. Choose either X- or Y-back style, with one or two anchor straps.

Tactica’s Bug Out and Pistol Bags offer solid gear for the prepared urban woman.

Some Things For Her

For the female warrior, Tactica Fashion Design specializes in clothing, handbags and other feminized gear for the stylishly rugged woman who can take care of herself. The Bug Out Bag is a rugged nylon expandable backpack with 39-liter capacity measuring 14.5″ wide, 21″ tall and 8″ deep. The main internal compartment, flanked by two divided external compartments, can expand to 64 liters if needed. The urban camo pack also has ammunition loops, a hydration reserve compartment, padded shoulder straps, parachute buckles on the side and MOLLE webbing. A sturdy handle up top offers “Grab and Go” functionality.

The Tactical Pistol Bag stows two pistols in soft but tough quilted pockets, ensuring your guns won’t get dings, dents or scratches. It features a durable woven nylon exterior shell for protection. The heavy-duty zipper is counter-sunk, making the bag water-resistant in the rain. The rug also has four exterior mag pockets for spare ammo. Tote the whole thing with two sturdy straps.

If you can’t carry your CCW, no worries! The Personal Safety Alarm with an integral light is just the ticket. It attaches to your key chain, so it’s always there. The 140 decibels of pulsating, ear-shrieking panic alarm is sure to distract and draw attention.

Don’t alienate yourself — you don’t have to go off-planet to find a variety of useful self-defense gear. Just check out the growing list of offerings from the Tedder intergalactic empire.

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The Alien Gear Shape-Shift System, shown here in its IWB configuration with a Glock 22.

The Cloak Chest Holster is a simple, comfortable rig made for strenuous outdoor activity.

Tactica Fashion Design’s Bug Out Bag.

The Tactica Fashion Design pistol bag holds two while preventing knocks and dings.

The Personal Safety Alarm from Tactica Fashion Design.

Bigfoot Gun Belts top quality belts and suspenders are first rate.

The classic Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 can handle the largest pistols,
like this FNX 45 Tactial model with ease.

The generous back panel not only serves as a moisture barrier, the friction helps support
gun weight, padding improves comfort, and the internal steel panel provides rigidity.

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