So, What Now?

I recently had a reader ask me if I knew where he could “… get some .223 ammo.” I asked him if he just needed a box or two to load up his protection rifle and he said, “Oh, no, I have that covered. I have about 35,000 rounds, but wanted to buy some more.”

And therein lies the issue. So just stop for a bit, if you would? I know it seems almost painful to actually not go shooting for a few months — but you’ll survive. Honestly, you will. And the majority of your defensive shooting skills won’t disappear either. Do some dry-firing, get an electronic gadget if you want to play at practice, buy an airsoft gun or even an expensive air rifle to play with — but give it a rest for a while. Then the makers can get caught up.

And no, there’s no great conspiracy. If there was, I’d have to be a part of it since I’d know about it, and I’d stomp my feet and I’d cry foul and let the entire world know. There just isn’t. We’re just buying it all.

In the meantime, I think I need to go buy 5,000 rolls of toilet paper for no particular reason. I mean, well, you know … you never know do you?