50 Years Experience

Made in Sturgis South Dakota for 50 years Bar-Sto has a winning reputation with shooters. Their barrels have won numbers of championships around the globe. And for the gunsmith needing a barrel for a special project or client, Bar-Sto is there to help.
A few years ago, I started a project of building the Colt 1911 in some of the odd calibers Colt produced, many for the overseas market. Or some were just limited runs. I needed oversized barrels for match grade fitting. One of these was .30 Luger which Colt had made for the Italian market. They only made a short run, so I used the original my client had for research. When I needed the 1911 barrel in a 5" Government ramp, Bar-Sto made it. They also made a few others in some odd calibers.
It’s hard to find a shop that will make one of anything nowadays let alone something they might never make again.

For more info: BarSto.com

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