The Right Stuff

Like most everything else, it’s easy if you have the right tools. For instance, check out the Li’l Gizzy tool set, which Jack Harvey makes in Michigan and sells on eBay for $75. Li’l Gizzy comes with three rams, or nose punches. One makes a nearly full-diameter flat nose. By shimming the ram with washers, you can even adjust the diameter of the meplat smaller, similar to the often-scarce CCI SGB small game bullet. The other two make your choice of a small or large hollow point in garden variety round nose .22LR bullets. And man, do they work well! An added benefit is the bullets all come out at a 0.225" diameter after experiencing Li’l Gizzy’s loving embrace. Consistency in dimensions makes for more consistency at the target.

Also be sure to check out Arizona-based Paco Kelly’s line of .22LR cartridge improvement tools, one of which is his $75 ACU’RZR. It makes two different blunt nose shapes, plus an HP, as shown in the photo. It’s double ended with 0.223" and 0.224" chambers, so you can choose the diameter that works best with your rifles. Check out Paco’s other ACU’RZR tools for other diameters and for higher-volume production. Orders are accepted via snail mail only.