Behind the Scenes

A Fellow Traveler

There I was, minding my own business...

…and running some errands when I spotted something really interesting in a parking lot. I looked over at the car parked next to me and saw an Inceptor Ammunition sticker in the window.

Now, I know we’ve all seen those Browning Buckmark decals on every pick-up truck made since 1970, but Inceptor has always struck me as a brand for those who take self-defense and carry guns seriously. This is some high-performance ammo, so I tend to take anyone who knows of it a little more seriously if we are talking CCW and self-defense guns. So, it was refreshing to see that bumper sticker of a “fellow traveler” on that Ford hatchback (and not a “monster truck” or some other not-surprising host vehicle).

One of many window decals clearly indicating the driver is a good guy or gal.

We know they’re out there — people who know quality self-defense ammunition. It’s just nice to see a hint of it now and again.

I wonder who they were..? A mother running errands, a young kid right out of college, a deer hunter who has his Ram truck in the shop? Who knows? No one was there for me to strike up a conversation. If they had, I might have mentioned how I just got in a few boxes to try out with a Ruger SP101 I am testing, or asked them how they learned about Inceptor. Or, I could have just left them alone and been happy that there are a bunch of us out there.