A magazine carrier is a magazine carrier, right? Well, not so much. The Pistol Belt Pouches from Blue Force Gear, available in single and double configurations, bring flexibility to a new level.

The pouches are soft, made from a material Blue Force called ULTRAcomp. Think elastic, but orders of magnitude tougher. The inherent flex in the material allows one-size-fits-everything for single- or double-stack magazines, or anything else for that matter. The key is there is no “memory effect,” so you can carry something thin one day and thick the next without loss of tension. I like the Double Pistol Pouch model not just for carrying two magazines, but because it offers the flexibility to carry other items like a flashlight, multi-tool, or even car keys.

The other benefit of the design is comfort. The hook and loop belt loops allow attachment to belts up to 2" wide and the soft contour helps the pouch mold around the body. You’ll also appreciate the lack of hard edges and corners. BlueForceGear.com

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