Bradford Knives

Founded in 2011 by Brad and Nicole Larkin in Renton, Wash., this enterprising couple had a game plan and it didn’t include a lot of human touch. “There is very little handwork on our blades,” Brad tells Handgunner. “Almost everything is done in a machine shop environment. We consider ourselves a production knife manufacturer with many customizable options — like scales, grinds, and finishes — such that whatever knife you build, chances are there are not many in circulation exactly like what you have specified.”

The Larkins didn’t just jump into the knife business cold, however. Brad’s background in manufacturing and a flair for design served as the foundation for a sound start. Initially, the Larkins tested the cutlery waters with a simple culinary knife. “The Gatsby steak knife was a surprisingly popular first introduction, and we quickly pivoted to being a customer focused, customer driven cutlery business,” notes Brad. “Our next knife, the Guardian3, was developed based on customer feedback, realizing the industry was needing a compact EDC fixed blade built using premium materials and technology.”