Breakthrough Technologies
Suppressor Cleaner


I’ve been using Breakthrough Clean Technologies Military Grade Solvent for quite some time now for general cleaning, de-gunking and degreasing. It’s … pleasant, which is why I use it so much. No noxious chemicals or fumes; it’s like using water that evaporates from your work quickly without leaving any residue. Love the stuff.

Now, the same company offers an equally “pleasant” cleaner for suppressors. As you may know, suppressors are a challenge. You might see “recipes” on the internet for a “combination of chemicals” that’ll eat up lead and carbon. Don’t do it, you just might poison yourself in the process with toxic fumes from the chemical reaction.

This suppressor cleaner is water-based, like the Military solvent and contains no ammonia, so you won’t get in trouble with your significant other when cleaning indoors. But it’ll still help you get the heavy carbon and lead out. It also helps prevent rust and corrosion without harming your suppressors.

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