Carry Options: Magnum Carry! Simply Rugged Sourdough Pancake


Simply Rugged Sourdough Pancake holster fits comfortably close to the body.

I’ve been pleased with several versions of Simply Rugged’s holsters in the past — and I really like the company to boot. Rob Leahy of Simply Rugged started stretching hide back in 2004 while enjoying life in Alaska. This backcountry lifestyle helped Rob create unique ways to carry a handgun — especially his Chesty Puller System, which he developed after a close encounter with a bear. Rob eventually headed south to warmer climates and now operates out of a 1,600 square foot building in sunny Arizona. As the name implies, his leather holsters feature a simple design yet are very rugged, protecting the handgun. Rob uses vat-dyed Hermann Oak leather for his holsters, belts and leather gun accessories.

Pancake Carry

After wearing the Sourdough Pancake (not to be confused with a paddle holster) around town and for hikes on the farm, I find it comfortable, and it carries the S&W revolver safely. The leather completely encompasses the revolver with the trigger guard tucked inside the leather. There are three belt slots, each 1.75″ wide, allowing the holster to be worn on either the strong side or in the cross-draw position at a 45-degree cant. I’ve been wearing a 1.5″ heavy belt without issue from the slightly larger belt slots.

This high-ride pancake holster offers excellent retention and concealment. My vest, jacket, or even a sweatshirt covers the gun completely. The Model 19 Carry Comp fits snuggly next to my body — and what I really appreciate — the gun doesn’t flop around! This well-thought-out design does not require a thumb snap for retention, yet the gun can be easily drawn. The bottom of the holster is open, allowing anything you don’t want, such as dust or moisture, to flow through.

Sourdough Pancake holster with leather ammo pouch makes for an ideal combination.
The practical ammo pouch discreetly holds loose cartridges or a Tuff Products Quickstrip.

Simply Rugged Sourdough Pancake

Choosing the right holster for your particular need or circumstance is an important decision. Depending on the specific gun, purpose, or manner you wish to carry your handgun, quality holsters can accommodate individual needs and satisfy the most stringent requirements.
Like many of you, my carry gun varies depending on situations and conditions. It’s getting colder now in my neck of the woods, and generally, I switch from a compact semi-auto to a revolver. This year I’m packing a K-Frame, S&W Model 19 Carry Comp. The K-Frame conceals easily with a vest or coat, and I like packing a .357 Magnum. The holster choice for carrying this 3″ Model 19 was easy for me — Simply Rugged’s Sourdough Pancake.

Carry Options

I’ve always worn the Sourdough Pancake holster on my strong side outside the waistband. However, with add-on loops, you can convert this holster to be carried IWB. You can even incorporate the Sourdough Pancake into the Chesty Puller System, allowing another carry method.
The holster I wear is tan but is also available in oxblood and black. These holsters are available in basketweave, fish scale embossing, floral carving, black alligator, black sharkskin and even ostrich hide for those looking for something with a little more spice. There are a lot of nifty choices for individual tastes and desires.

Simply Rugged makes a simple but most useful leather ammo pouch. This neat compact pouch carries loose ammo. Mine holds seven rounds of .357 Mag. and six rounds of .44 Mag. For those who wish to carry their ammo in Tuff Products Quickstrip, the ammo pouch neatly holds and conceals a loaded strip. This simple little pouch is very discreet yet so practical. I wish I’d thought of it.

Simply Rugged offers an extensive line of leather products to complement their quality holsters. Need a sheath for your favorite knife or frequently used tool? No worries, Simply Rugged has got you covered. Premium gun belts can also be found in Rob’s goodie shop, along with some nice long gun accessories, wallets and more.

I couldn’t be happier with the Sourdough Pancake holster as it carries the S&W Model 19 Carry Comp like a champ — safely and comfortably. Rob is a veteran along with his other employees, and I thank them all for their service. Simply Rugged offers a 5% discount to all military veterans. Simply … a great American company!

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