Chinook: Officer Response Medical Kit


I’m a retired cop and from personal experience I can tell you the ability to stop critical bleeding fast saves lives. During my career, I always had some sort of ability to make-up a fast tourniquet right at-hand. When you need one, you need it now, and the less fumbling around and digging in your bag in the trunk the better.

Chinook’s Officer Response Law Enforcement Medical Kit (LEMK-OR) holds critical hemorrhage control supplies in order to treat moderate to severe bleeding; addressing the number one cause of preventable deaths. Just because it says it’s for cops, doesn’t mean a hunter, someone at the range, a motorcycle rider, mechanic, construction worker or anyone else for that matter should have something like this handy.

The LEMK-OR Kit uses a unique one-handed opening system that’s easy and fast. By simply grabbing the opening loop and pulling up, out, and then down you get one-handed access to the medical supplies. Having the Officer Response Kit on you when you might need it is easy to manage since it’s tidy, compact and light. Since getting the test sample, I’ve taken to wearing it when on the tractor, riding my motorcycle, when doing chainsaw work and have taken to wearing it in my shop when working with the table saw and big bandsaw. I’ve seen what arterial bleeding looks like and I don’t want to die from it. Neither should you.

This is between about $40 to about $98 depending upon how you want Chinook to equip the kit. But a basic set-up includes a nitrile glove, tourniquet and 4″ Israeli Emergency Bandage (it’s a bandage with a built-in tourniquet). But you can get bigger kits with more supplies as you see fit.

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