Clinger V2 Ultra-Conceal OWB


Can you say “thousands?” That’s how many different holsters and ideas are out there today. How do you make sense of it all? One way, is to look at it from the standpoint of “What do you want to accomplish?” Then look at the “hardware” which can accomplish the task. If you want to carry strong side, inside the waist band, for instance, now you have a segment of the market you can look at. Maybe you want a single holster you can wear outside the waistband (OWB), or IWB, something you can tuck your shirt when wearing it — or not — and has adjustable tension, adjustable ride height, adjustable cant and is less than, say, $100. Now we’re getting pretty specific and the number of designs are fewer. Now lower that price to $69.99 and you’re looking at the new Clinger V2 Ultra-Conceal rig which, interestingly enough, can do everything we just talked about.

Clinger is famous for their “No Print Wonder” IWB holster, and the V2 is a sort of “Generation 2” expanding on that design and feature list. By changing out what they call their “cling tab” and their “hinge tab” you can convert the holster from OWB to IWB and back again, doing double duty. Something I really like about this rig is the fact it’s ultra-lightweight and has a very small footprint. I wrote the Carry Options column in Handgunner for about eight years in the 1990s and one of the most important things I discovered about holsters is the fact the best ones — at least in most cases — tend to be very light, minimalist in design and use superior materials. If you pick up a holster and it’s well-fit to the gun and makes you think, “Gosh, this sure feels light,” I’m willing to put money on the fact it’s also an excellent design. Which is what we have with the Clinger V2.

It’s hugely affordable if you think about it because you’re essentially getting two holsters, at about $35 “per holster” if you think about it that way. Normally, you’d need to invest in IWB and an OWB rigs, doubling your spending. If this sounds like it might meet your needs, give ’em a shout. The’re passionate about what they do, and will take good care of you. For more info: ; Ph: (479) 262-2714, email: [email protected]

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