Close Look: 1911 Goodies


So, you’ve finally gotten your dream-1911 and have cleaned it to within an inch of it’s 100+-year-old life. Your significant other is giving you “the look” about spending so much time in the garage with it. You’re in the danger zone here if this sounds familiar. The best thing to do? Buy more 1911 “stuff!” Here’s a quick look at a handful of goodies catching our attention of late. We don’t have the book-length room needed to touch on everything all at once, but this should whet your appetite some. Repeat after me: “Honey, wanna’ go shoot my new 1911?” Can you duck fast?

double tap ammo

DoubleTap ammo is an all American-made company, and they’ve got plenty American-made loads to feed your 1911 beast. If you’re looking for a soft-shooting round, their 160-gr. Barnes bullet load is light-kicking, yet at 1,200 fps still penetrates up to 15″ of gel. Just a quick peek at what DoubleTap has, well … on tap. There’s lots more.


Simply Rugged Holsters are American made by a veteran-owned company. The Sourdough model covers the trigger guard while leaving the back open, ensuring a good grip at every draw. It’s available as an outside or IWB configuration. It’s essentially a high-ride pancake holster made from 8–9oz. shoulder leather, and is also available in your choice of colors and with some other leathers. You can also choose to add stamping for a bit of style and panache!


Looking for a little something to spice up your 1911? Select a logo off of the Gungrips website, or provide your own and presto, almost instant custom grips! Gungrips are precision machined by Hogue, Inc. and are available in natural aluminum color and matte black, both smooth and checkered pattern. These Punisher logo grips are made of rosewood, so check into their many options too.


Love your 1911? Like any other precision machine the classic design needs maintenance. The Bore-tips FAST Patchless Firearm Cleaning swabs attach to any 8-32 thread cleaning rod. Bore-tips provide 360-degree contact with the bore or chamber and are a perfect pairing with your favorite solvent. Interestingly, they are washable — and reusable. What a great idea! Who’d-a-thought?


This is pretty darn clever. The MGM Steel Challenge Plate Rack is a full plate system — in a bucket. The plates are made of 3/8″-thick AR-500 steel in MGM’s famous Hexplate shape. Just add the beam caps on your own 2×4 posts and hang the hooks — no tools needed. At only 55 lbs. it can be transported in a standard sedan as long as there’s room for the 2×4’s! More forward-thinking from this great company.


The Snagmag holds a mag deep in your pocket where it looks like the clip to a folding knife. The “snag” part is a clever hook catching onto your pocket, keeping the mag holder in while the mag comes out. His Editorial Immenseness has used a 9mm version for several years now and swears by it. So far, this .45 ACP version works perfectly. Gun is by Tussey, grips by Esmeralda.

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