Coast HX3 Light


Living in the boondocks like I do, if you step outside at night, it’s “Dark as the inside of a boot” as my grandpa used to say. I guess that’s pretty dark. I’m always looking for handy “little” lights to stash around. Over the years here I’ve found the cap lights to be awfully handy, but too many of the little ones don’t have the brightness or burn time needed sometimes. Dedicated “headband” type lights are great, but you need to remember to grab one, put it on, find the button, take it off when you’re done, and they tend to get in the way at times.

When I saw this one I figured it’d work swell, and it does. Using two AAA batteries means you don’t need to mess with recharging, and if you use good batteries the burn time is almost four hours. The head is adjustable around a 180-degree arc so you can clip it to your hat brim, shirt pocket, belt or wherever and aim it handily. It’s weather proof so shrugs off the rain. I didn’t realize when I bought it (only $20) but it has a UV light mode too. We have scorpions here and if I’m poking around in the pole barn or something, I shine the light around “just in case.” The little buggers shine like green light sticks when hit with this light. I’ve only found two, but that’s enough! Plus, if you make faces at the dogs and shine the light on your teeth at the same time and kinda’ growl, they hide behind the tractor and peek out. I read about this some place, I never actually tried it.

I keep my “duty hat” on a peg in the garage and the light stays on the brim. If I go out, the hat goes on the head and the light is right there. The dogs may stare at times and hide, but it sure is handy. The white LED shines 30 or 40 feet or so and it’s plenty of light to work up close with or to see where you’re going. A great deal for not much cash. For more info:; Coast, Ph: (800) 426-5858, [email protected]

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