Expanding Edges

By 2010 the TOPS Knives catalog was burgeoning as a result of Fuller’s zeal for new designs, which also included contributions by Leo and a host of collaborations by industry experts. In 2011 the modern day Bushcraft movement began taking the sporting end of the cutlery industry by storm and TOPS wanted in. The first Bushcraft effort was the B.O.B. Fieldcraft fixed-blade and it was a viral sensation even in prototype form.

“It’s hard to pinpoint any one thing that allowed TOPS to gain such clout in Bushcraft, but the Fieldcraft definitely had a huge impact,” Powell reflects. “Mike worked with a group of guys called the Brothers of Bushcraft (B.O.B.) who were all experts in different areas and he had them all come to some type of agreement on the best knife for them. Turns out it was spot on. Aside from Bushcraft gurus and survival experts the Fieldcraft has been exceedingly popular with guys going through SERE training and other similar schools. Tactical guys, it turns out, mostly use their knives for whatever comes up outside of combat, not so much in it, so the Fieldcraft has been a great addition for them, too.” The Fieldcraft also spun off a folding knife version in large and small models as well as a smaller send-up of the original fixed-blade.