Every Day Carry (EDC)


Everyday carry (EDC) gear options have exploded in recent years, offering fantastic innovation to those who like to be prepared — having the actual tools on their person at all times. Here we enjoy some thoughtful designs around ankle holstering, a flashlight well designed for pocket carry, a highly-engineered front-opening automatic knife, another flashlight to handle the basics and a well-equipped rescue knife. Send us a good picture of your own EDC gear to [email protected] and we’ll post it. People always enjoy seeing how others solve this challenge.

Ankles are great places for backup guns but also do double-duty for backup gear. With the Wilderness Tactical Ankle Cargo Cuff you’ve got plenty of places to store your stuff — five primary cells and one compact slip pocket. The whole unit measuring 19″x4.75″ (5″ version) or 3.75″x0.25″ (4″ version), weighs 5 oz. Made from extra heavy duty elastic webbing, the Ankle Cargo Cuff comes in black or brown. MSRP $40. Ph: (800) 775-5650.


Small flashlights are must-haves for EDC and the Surefire Stiletto makes it very easy to carry and deploy a useful light. About the size of a large folding knife, Stiletto carries in a pocket via a sturdy Melonite-coated, spring steel clip. The primary switch activates 650-, 250- or 5-lumen beams. A second, tactical switch activates the high-output beam only (a strobe is optional). The Mil-Spec hard anodized aluminum head assembly is tough and durable and the battery recharges via Micro USB cable. IPX7 water resistant. MSRP $109.


With a push/pull release, machined aluminum handle, carbide tip glass breaker, and reversible deep pocket carry clip, the Mini Incursion sports a useful blade length of 3″. The blade action is very smooth, and it’s made in the USA for HK Knives by Hogue Knives. For sale to legally permitted users through authorized dealers only. MSRP $289.95.


Yes, a second flashlight recommendation — this time for more mundane tasks. Streamlight’s Microstream recharges via a USB cord, offering IPX4 water resistance and high/low modes delivering 250 and 50 lumens. Made from machined anodized aluminum and sporting a scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens, Microstream also has a removable pocket clip that can also attach to the brim of a hat. Measures less than 4″ in length and weighs 1.2 oz (that’s a .308 in the pic). MSRP $17.


Carry a knife, of course, but carry a multi-functional knife for maximum usefulness. The Swipe IV Rescue Knife from Bear features a Sandvik 14C28N Stainless Steel blade, black G10 handles, an overall closed length of 4.25″ and a weight of 4.1 oz. On board are an assisted opening blade (3.25″ in length), glass breaker, seatbelt cutter and a robust pocket clip to keep it handy. MSRP $99.99.


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