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Carry Options: EDC Challenges? Here's Some Answers

The commitment to carry a defensive gun daily is a significant one. If you’re new to it, you’ll soon find it can literally weigh you down. If you’re an old hand, you still need to keep an open mind to evolving ideas and technology making it all easier. Good ideas abound — here’s a few!

The 15L Riftpoint CCW backpack from Maxpedition is a sort of “EDC” version of their line of Advanced Gear Research (AGR) product. This smaller pack offers plenty of room for your daily gear, enhanced with a concealed carry pocket for a pistol and mags. Built with no-compromise on quality, I’ve used their gear since the company was founded in 2003 and remain a believer in their innovation. At about $178, you honestly get what you pay for.

Elite Survivor Systems took two years to find just the right material for their new Mainstay Clipless IWB holster. The siliconized outer layer won’t flake or disintegrate over time and the holster stays in place without a clip or belt loop. With a lifetime guarantee, this made-in-the-USA holster is only $24.95 and just might answer a question or two you have.

Galco’s second-gen “Quick Slide” builds on the KingTuk model IWB and TacSlide belt holsters. A flexible, lined, steerhide backplate backs up the Kydex holster body. A near-neutral cant and open top makes it comfy, fast and simple, while a passive retention device in the trigger guard provides security. It fits tight to the body and is, simply put, a comfortable, solidly-thought-out EDC rig. Lots of common gun fits, and all this at about $54.


Hogue’s HandALL Beavertail grip sleeves now fit GLOCK compact pistols. Offering a “Cobblestone” texture, the contours, thermoplastic material and ease of fit over the gun’s grip makes it an easy way to enhance your EDC pistol. The HandALL’s “beavertail” feature allows a higher grip and cushions recoil. At only $10.95 for black, and $12.95 for colors, it’s an affordable way to really enhance your gun’s grip.


The Ammunition Depot offers their SwissGear Travel backpack outfitted with a lightweight IIIA AR500 ballistic armor panel. The panel is effective for most any handgun caliber. Think of this as a “school-type” pack with the usual compartments, but without a dedicated “gun” pocket. However, an enterprising owner could easily adapt one of the pockets to work. Starting at about $156, and in various colors.


The Ankle Cargo Cuff from The Wilderness Tactical Products makes perfect sense. During long-pants winter weather I carry mine with a mag, back-up knife, tourniquet and light. But you can load yours with whatever EDC gear you need, including lots of medical supplies. Out of sight, but not out of mind. At $40, it’s cheap peace of mind, from a family-owned company, too.


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