Federal Hydra-Shok DEEP 9mm Ammo


Federal Premium

The white lab coat “squints” at Federal Premium — you know, the guys with the slide rules and calipers — have been beating their ballistic brains together in their quest to develop the ultimate self-defense bullet for us.

Thinking DEEPly, they wondered, “What else can we do to improve our already proven Hydra-Shok ammunition?”

Hydra Ammo

Hydra Ammo

Penetration Is Paramount!

A proven self-defense load needs to reach vitals to inflict the destructive damage needed to stop the threat. Heavy clothing, barriers, poor angles and beefy bad guys are just some of the variables taken into consideration for terminal penetration/performance of a bullet.

While everyone agrees controlled expansion jacketed hollowpoints give us more bang for caliber, the same properties work against us for pure penetration. Is it possible to have both controlled expansion and deep penetration in self-defense ammunition?

Hydra Ammo

Hydra ammo

Hydra-Shok DEEP Does It All

Federal Hydra-Shok has been instrumental in stopping bad guys since 1989. The notched jacketed, non-bonded lead core with unique center post, hollowpoint design was a huge step from the then-traditional cup-and-core ammunition. Hydra-Shok provided better penetration and consistent threat-stopping expansion than other bullets of the time.

The engineers at Federal developed a new core design, giving Federal Hydra-Shok DEEP up to 50 percent deeper penetration than original Hydra-Shok and similar bullets. A more robust center post was designed to provide better integrity and performance through barriers.

Recent testing displayed 15″ of penetration in bare ballistic gelatin — optimal according to FBI standards.

Hydra ammo

There’s More …

Hydra-Shok DEEP also uses extremely reliable Federal primers along with a new, specially formulated propellant, which achieves optimal ballistic performance and reliability.

Larry Head, director and chief engineer of handgun ammunition at Federal Premium states, “Ideal bullet performance is a round that stops a threat by expanding to a large diameter to cause the maximum amount of tissue damage and penetrates deep enough to reach vital organs.”
Federal Hydra-Shok DEEP does just that!

Today’s bullet technology gets better at each turn, allowing us to get the same performance with smaller calibers we got from the bigger boomers. This lessens size and total weight of our loaded carrying piece, making us more apt to carry more frequently, keeping us all safer.

Federal Hydra-Shok DEEP is offered in 135-gr. 9mm and comes in 20 round boxes. MSRP is $27.95. It’s also available in 165-gr. .40 S&W. For more details, go to:

Federal Premium
Ph: (800) 379-1732

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