Exclusive: GrovTec Multi Fit Holsters


Keep it really simple but really effective with a GrovTec Multi Fit holster for your handgun. This belt slide is soft, light weight, but surprisingly sturdy, handling a three-inch barreled 1911 with ease and holding it in tight and close.

The inner section of the holster is cut higher than the outer section, protecting skin and clothing from the gun’s slide and offering an easier re-holster, too. The material feels like a combination of nylon and neoprene and is cut and stitched in such a way to put a strong grip on the holster when it is holstering a gun and on a real gun belt.

GrovTec Holsters

The GrovTec offers two attachment points for a belt, pulling the gun in close to the body for maximum concealment. And despite the softness of the material, there’s adequate stiffness and plenty of coverage for the key parts of the gun — specifically the slide and muzzle.

GrovTec Holsters

Other guns fit this particular Multi Fit holster (a size 98 for small and medium frame pistols) but I figured if it could handle the officer’s 1911, it could handle just about anything else in that size range.

Made in the USA, GrovTec holsters are available through several dealers and on Amazon, usually for less than $20.

GrovTec Holsters

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