Galco has four exotic hides to proudly showcase your shooter. Depending on your mood, preference, or taste, you can choose from ostrich, stingray, alligator, or shark. How’s that for a list of hides on the wild side? Made in minimalist pancake style, the deeply boned hide securely grips your gun with a tight friction fit.

Drawing is smooth and easy from the Concealable while still providing a snug, secure fit. The main body is double stitched with heavy-duty thread. Dual 1.5" belt loops allow your gun to be strapped tightly to your torso to minimize printing.

On the other hand, when socializing with fellow shooters, you’ll be peacock proud to display your exotic hide holster. Whether you want to be shark-like slick, ornery as an ostrich, astute as an alligator, or sting-ray smooth, Galco Exotics have the hide for you.