Father's Day Gifts
Dads Actually Want


Father’s Day is just around the corner. Whether you’re searching for the perfect gift to give the father in your life or don’t have an answer for when your wife or kids ask what you’re hoping to receive, we’ve got you covered with picks from our staff and editors — most of whom are dads themselves! 

Not a dad? Don’t worry! All of the products below would make great gifts to give or receive for any occasion throughout the year — including if you want to treat yourself! 


Editor’s Picks

511 Marksman Utility Shirt

5.11 Marksman Utility Short Sleeve Shirt ($64)

The Marksman Utility S/S offers moisture-wicking performance and UPF50+ protection along with a stylish two-piece collar and a center front placket. 511tactical.com

511 Defender Flex Evolve Straight Jeans

5.11 Defender-Flex Evolve Straight Jean ($85)

An update to a favorite of 5.11 customers, the Defender-Flex Evolve Jean features a new cotton/polyester blend and Lycra T400 Tough Max mechanical-stretch denim. It’s both comfortable and stylish! 511tactical.com

“The Markman Utility S/S Shirt and Defender-Flex Evolve Jean Straight caught my attention as a potent 1-2 combination for wear around the house, on the range and — as my wife told me — even for date night.” — Jade Moldae, Shooting Industry

Pnuma Outdoors Gunnison Merino Wool Hoodie

Gunnison Merino Wool Hoodie from Pnuma Outdoors ($200)

Ideal for brisk summer mornings and evenings, the Gunnison Merino Wool Hoodie is a mid-weight piece to keep you warm, concealed and moving freely. It has two storage pockets (chest and arm), a kangaroo pocket to keep your hands warm and two color options, Caza camo and Beluga. And, like all of Pnuma’s products, the Gunnison has a polygiene odor crunch added to it — so you can get more uses with less stink. A win-win. pnumaoutdoors.com

Eagle Fist Coffe and Mugs

Eagle Fist: Coffee of the Brave ($15.99)

Ask any dad with toddlers: They have So. Much. Energy. What better way to keep up with them than having the perfect morning cup of coffee roasted to perfection? Step forward, Eagle Fist’s Coffee of the Brave medium roast blend. A sister company of Clinger Holsters, Eagle Fist also has a collection of patriotic T-shirts, coffee mugs and more. eaglefist.com

Alexo Tuck and Carry Jogger

Men’s Tuck & Carry Jogger by Alexo Athletica ($83)

Alexo Athletica has forged a dependable reputation in the activewear carry segment for women only — until now. The Tuck and Carry Jogger is comfortable to lounge in, but ready to perform when you’re on the go. It features ambidextrous carry pocket design: one right and one left appendix carry pocket, and one 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock carry pocket. Pockets not being used to store a firearm can be used to store extra magazines and other tools. alexoathletica.com


Umarex Glock T4E G17 Paintball Pistol ($349.99) 

“The dad in your life will appreciate this ultra-realistic Glock paintball marker pistol.” — Tom McHale, American Handgunner

This package of fun and utility is a GLOCK .43, made by Umarex. Not a Model .43, but a .43-caliber paintball pistol. Yes, it launches round projectiles a bit smaller than a classic marble. The “bullets” can be hard rubber balls, exploding powder-filled capsules, or, better yet, paint-filled spheres.

Perfectly modeled after a GLOCK 17 Gen 5, it’ll work with your gear like holsters and rail-mounted lasers and lights. As it’s designed for “shooting each other,” it’s a perfect training tool. Do exercise extreme caution to make sure real guns and ammo aren’t present. Or just use it for backyard, garage, or basement target practice.

This pistol is powered by standard 12-gram CO2 cartridges, available anywhere, and they’ll drive projectiles fast enough to leave a mark. Wear appropriate clothing and safety gear! umarexusa.com 

Streamlight Wedge® Slim Everyday Carry Flashlight

Streamlight Wedge® Slim Everyday Carry Flashlight

“This Father’s Day gift recommendation has passed the ultimate utility test. In a drawer of “EDC stuff” packed with various flashlights, I pick this one up to tote around in my support-side pocket every single time I leave the house, day or night. Why?

The flat profile seamlessly slips into a front pocket, while the built-in clip holds it in an easy-to-access position and consistent orientation. It’s rechargeable via a standard micro-USB cord. We’re betting dad already has plenty of these scattered around, but one is included.” — Tom McHale, American Handgunner

The big value in this one is its novel activation mechanism. Simply press your thumb forward to rotate the on/off switch. Push harder, and the unit bursts 1,000 lumens instead of the standard 300. No modes or complicated series of button taps are required. It just works, so it’s an outstanding option for defensive use. Dad will get a solid three hours of use before a recharge is needed. streamlight.com

Streamlight TLR-7® A Gun Light With Rear Switch Options

Streamlight TLR-7® A Gun Light With Rear Switch Options

Weapon lights are getting smaller and more durable, so it’s more feasible than ever to equip a concealed carry handgun with a mounted light.

The Streamlight TLR-7 A is a 500-lumen tactical light that will mount on virtually any pistol with a lower rail segment. I’ve been using one on a Staccato C2 pistol and carrying the whole rig with a Tenicor Lux2 holster. The light addition adds precisely zero concealment penalty.

“What I particularly like about this solution are the “vertical” activation paddles. Most rail lights use levers pressed in towards the centerline of the handgun. This is easy to use, but when carried in a holster that applies similar pressure, the light can activate when carried.” — Tom McHale, American Handgunner

The “vertical” levers require the operator to press down towards the ground with the trigger or support hand finger, thereby preventing inadvertent holster activation. From a usability standpoint, using this system is just as fast and intuitive as the side paddle method, so it’s a win-win for concealed carry.

The unit runs on a standard CR123A battery and features a locking feature on the bezel ring, preventing activation. That’s handy for storage and range use during daytime scenarios. streamlight.com

Fix It Sticks The Works Kit

The Works from Fix It Sticks ($280)  

The Works kit from Fix It Sticks comes with a torque head that adjusts from 0 to 65-inch pounds. It has Allen and Torx bits, flat and cross tip screwdriver blades, a cleaning brush attachment, and screw-in sections for it. fixitsticks.com 

If your firearm has anything bolted onto it — optics, lights, bipods, etc. — you need this kit! Because many of my defensive and teaching guns have optics on them, this kit is a must in my range bag!” — Erick Gelhaus, American Cop

Reduced Size Reactive Steel Targets from Caldwell

Reduced Size Reactive Steel Targets from Caldwell ($19.99 – $209.99)

Caldwell’s new bright, easy-to-see targets come in all shapes and sizes for competition, training, and recreational use. Made of AR500 hardened steel, these targets can withstand thousands of rounds. Rated up to a 3000 fps impact velocity and a 3500 ft-lb impact energy, these targets come in seven various sizes with three hanging solutions. caldwellshooting.com

“I kind of like the options the 33% size target gives. Caldwell brought a number of these to Gunsite last summer for a media event I ran. All the targets held up well.” — Erick Gelhaus, American Cop

Magpul Explorer XL Eyewear

Magpul® Explorer XL Sunglasses ($149)

The Explorer XL is built to excel in demanding environments and is great for many activities, including climbing, hiking, watersports, and shooting. magpul.com

“These are my favorite sunglasses that I’ve owned. The polarized lenses help with driving on sunny days. They also tint everything instead of just making it darker. I’ve used them as indoor range glasses as well as outdoor ones. I have the tortoise and bronze.” — Nic Lenze, Video Producer for FMG Publications

MTM Case-Gard (Prices vary)

“Organization is key to dads. Our wives and children slowly erode all of the space that houses our stuff, so we need to be good with small spaces. These cases are great for stacking and storing reloaded or factory ammo and aren’t very expensive.” — Nic Lenze, Video Producer for FMG Publications 


Minelab Metal Detector

Minelab Metal Detector (Prices vary)

Looking for a gift that’s fun and unexpected? GUNS Magazine editor Brent Wheat suggests a Minelab metal detector. Minelab metal detectors deliver the world’s best metal detecting technologies for treasure hunting, gold prospecting, and even countermine operations. Users can join a community of “detexperts” and submit their stories for a chance to be featured as the Find of the Month. minelab.com

For Gun Enthusiasts

1791 Gunleather Custom Holster

1791 Gunleather Ultra Custom Light Bearing Holsters ($99.99)

The first and only to eliminate the need for matching your gun and light/laser combo with a specific design, the Ultra Custom Light Bearing Holster from 1791 Gunleather fits most rail- and trigger guard-mounted accessories as well as most pistol optics with its optic cut. 

Featuring 1791 Gunleather’s patented Memory-Lok® technology, the outside-the-waistband holster allows for molding and re-molding for endless customization. Ultra-soft cowhide on the front and durable steer hide on the back offer a tough yet comfortable construction. The high sweat guard provides added protection for everyday carry. 

Available in three different models, Ultra Custom Light Bearing Holsters are compatible with a wide variety of handguns. Check out this video to see it in action. 1791Gunleather.com

511 Range Ready Trainer Bag

5.11 Range Ready™ Trainer Bag ($145)

The Range Ready Trainer Bag has space to hold everything needed for a day at the range. Fully padded with a PE board base to keep your gear safe while the removable dividers allow for customization. Internal quick access elastic mag and accessory panel as well as elastic loops under the lid give the ability to carry loaded anywhere and that’s just the main compartment. Three side compartments and MOLLE webbing let you take even more. 511tactical.com



Gamma Case from KRAKEN Case Company ($59.99)

KRAKEN’S Gamma Case is the perfect size for pistols, small electronics, or comms equipment such as satellite radios. Featuring KRAKEN Case Company’s patent-pending foam, this case does what others can’t. It creates a perfect fit for any piece of gear without customization by instantly conforming to anything you need to keep safe and rebounding to a flat surface within seconds. krakencases.com


DL Sports Standoff Device

D&L Sports Standoff Device ($155)

Not the most obvious choice for a Father’s Day gift, but it’s a great option for front-line duty personnel, entry teams, defensive shooters and those who expect close quarter battle (CQB) contact. It’s designed to allow defensive pistols to keep shooting even when it is pressed into a target. The slide will not be pushed out of battery and into a non-firing condition like conventional semi-auto pistols. The D&L Sports Stand-Off Device is currently available for Glock 17 and 1911 custom pistols. DLSports.com

For Hunters

ALPS OutdoorZ Grand Slam Turkey Vest ($239.99)

The ALPS OutdoorZ Grand Slam Turkey Vest in Realtree Timber camo is designed to enhance the turkey hunter’s day afield. Featuring state-of-the-art features such as the “sit anywhere” kickstand frame, thick padded fold-away seat, a smartphone sleeve that allows you to use your phone while it’s still in the pack, and a removable diaphragm call pocket, among many others, this vest offers superior functionality. Other features include shell loops, H2O compatibility, side compression straps, two water bottle pockets, detachable shoulder straps, and a protective and silent box call pocket. alpsoutdoorz.com

Antler King Southern Greens

Southern Greens Food Plot Seed ($24.99)

If you think dads take their lawn care seriously, just wait until you see one manage his food plots. 

Antler King, creator of leading nutritional products for whitetails, can deliver a constant flow of deer traffic from early archery season to late gun season with Southern Greens food plot seed. 

Powered by protein-packed collard greens, all-season Southern Greens features quality energy sources to help your herd endure the demands of the rut, stress of the winter months, and spring antler growth. 

Big brassica leaves offer plentiful protein and calcium early, while radishes turn into a sweet, high-energy food source following frost. Winter wheat and oats provide palatable nutrition from first appearance well into the spring when clover springs up to power healthy fawn birth and body mass growth. 

Southern Greens is a cold- and drought-tolerant blend that grows well everywhere from the balmy South to the frigid North. It should be planted in the fall and performs best with a soil pH between 6.0 and 6.5. One 8-pound bag of Southern Greens will cover approximately ¼ acre or 11,000 square feet. To learn more about Southern Greens and browse the full Antler King lineup. antlerking.com

Antler King Red Zone Food Plot Mix

Antler King’s Red Zone Food Plot Mix ($49.99)

Antler King’s Red Zone food plot mix is designed to the hunter’s opportunity at a trophy buck no matter what season they hunt. Featuring a blend of forage and grain soybeans, peas, buckwheat, and sunflowers that mature at different periods throughout the year, Red Zone provides a high-quality smorgasbord to draw in deer all year. It delivers a high-protein source in the spring and summer for body and antler growth as well as high-energy food for surviving the fall and winter. Red Zone can be planted in the spring, summer, or fall at least 60 days before the first expected frost. A 20-pound bag will cover ½ acre. antlerking.com

For The Dad Who Has Everything

GUNS Magazine and American Handgunner Magazine Covers

GUNS Magazine and American Handgunner Magazine Subscriptions ($21.18)

The gift that keeps on giving! A two-for-one subscription to GUNS Magazine and American Handgunner.

GUNS Magazine (published monthly) was introduced in 1955 as the first national monthly newsstand firearms publication. From the moment you turn the first page and dive into one shooting adventure after another, you’ll discover a difference that makes GUNS Magazine one-of-a-kind. 

American Handgunner (published bi-monthly) was introduced in 1976 as the first magazine devoted entirely to handguns. Just like a classic, it improves with age. Today it’s still the first place handgunners everywhere turn for the latest and most reliable handgun news and information. FMGPubs.com

Gunsite Academy

Gunsite Academy Gift Certificate

Give the gift of an experience they’ll never forget! The original ‘American Pistol Institute’ (API) now known as Gunsite Academy offers multiple levels of instruction in handgun, carbine, shotgun, bolt action rifle and precision rifle each taught by an instructor who has served in law enforcement, the military or both. Gunsite Academy gift certificates are redeemable for classes at Gunsite Academy (Paulden, Arizona) or Gunsite classes nationwide. Gunsite.com

V1 M4 Carbine Black from Heimdells Workshop

Limited Edition V1 M4 Carbine Black from Heimdells Workshop ($325)

The dad in your life has never seen a watch quite like this — we promise! The V1 M4 Carbine Black is the first-ever watch inspired by the M4 (used by the U.S. military and law enforcement). Going back to civilian life after serving your country or community is bittersweet. This well-built luxury timepiece was designed to awake the nostalgia of life in the armed forces and to awaken the warrior spirit that lies in us all. The V1 M4 Carbine Black is limited to 300 pieces worldwide. Take advantage of early-bird pre-order pricing. While it won’t arrive in time for Father’s Day, it’s definitely worth the wait. HeimdallsWorkshop.com

ZOLEO Satellite Communicator

ZOLEO Satellite Communicator ($199)

For anyone who ventures beyond cell coverage, the compact ZOLEO device connects with a free app on your phone or tablet so you can send/receive messages anywhere on the planet via the Iridium satellite network. It also provides SOS alerting with 24/7 monitoring, check-in and weather forecasts. ZOLEO delivers peace of mind so consider it a gift for both you and your loved one. zoleo.com

Buck 417 Budgie Knife

Buck 417 Budgie Knife ($89.99)

Compact but sturdy, the Budgie is a slick new EDC designed with modern materials and cool features to enhance performance. With the smaller profile, the large thumb hole allows for easy, one-hand opening while the frame lock secures the blade during use. The S35VN blade ensures maximum edge retention and ease of resharpening for long-term use. A rugged G10 handle offers the grip and durability to match that of the superior blade performance. buckknives.com

511 Outpost Chrono Watch

5.11 Outpost Chrono Watch ($125)

The Outpost Chrono provides precision timekeeping functionality with a tonal tactical appearance. 44mm stainless steel case (44mm) with an IP coating and mineral crystal face. The Outpost has a pull-crown for time adjustment and start/stop buttons for its stopwatch features. Hands and hour marks feature luminous material. Water-resistant to 100M/330FT/10ATM. Removable 22mm webbing band. Imported. 511Tactical.com

Guncrank Diaries book cover

Guncrank Diaries by John Connor ($15)

The complete collection of John Connor’s original Guncrank Diaries is all right here including excuses, alibis, pithy observations and general ephus.

John Connor is a soldier, cop, father, lover of dogs, protector of the defenseless, guardian of what’s right — and a fierce foe of what’s wrong. He’s fought evil, brutality and tyranny in the jungles of Vietnam, as a cop on the city streets of a major Southern California city, and in a host of god-forsaken places around the world. His friends often have very unusual names, and all remain fiercely loyal — and for very good reasons.

Each story will drag deep-rooted, powerful memories from deep within the reader about things that were, or might have been. FMGPubs.com or Amazon