Fenix PD36r Rechargeable Light


There are infinity-trillion tactical lights on the market — with good reason. A quality handheld light is one of the most useful tools around, whether you use it “tactically” or not. I often carry one in my pocket, always have one in my pack or briefcase, and keep others in the car.

The Fenix PD36R features an internal rechargeable power source, so no batteries are required — ever. Did I mention it’s rechargeable? Changing batteries in my existing lights, sometimes weekly, makes the rechargeable option a big deal for me. The included USB Type C cable connects to most any standard power source: laptops, phone chargers or 12-volt car systems. One of the most useful features is the runtime from a single charge. Depending on which brightness level you choose, you’ll get between just under three hours to a monstrous 115 of continuous use.

This little handheld wonder packs a wallop. On its Turbo setting, you’re pumping out a whopping 1,600 lumens of light. That translates to a beam of light reaching out to just shy of three football fields. Be careful, Turbo mode might set your hair on fire! The light is computer monitored, so if it begins to overheat, the intensity will drop a few lumens to protect the electronics. A brass button up front cycles through the power levels. Eco mode produces an indoor-friendly 30 lumens, Low 150 lumens, Medium 350 and High 800. By holding the selection button for a half second, you can also select a disorienting strobe mode, useful for self-defense applications. The 5,000 mAh battery will take just about four hours to charge.

For all its power, the PD36R is portable enough for everyday carry, although it won’t compete with a penlight. It’s about the same size as a 17-round 9mm magazine but precisely half the weight, according to my kitchen scale. A steel clip offers dual-purpose mounting to belts, pants, or pack pockets, but the “S-shaped” design also allows you to mount it to something pointing beam-forward. It makes a great car light too. Use the low-power modes for interior use, middle range for roadside repairs and the Turbo modes to flag down help or send Morse code messages to the International Space Station.


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