Galco Offers Care for Your Carry Leather


If you’re going to carry, you’re going to need a good holster — or two — but you’re also going to need to care for both. While regularly cleaning your handgun may be common knowledge, looking after your rig is just as important, especially if it’s of the leather variety.

Makers of high-quality leather holsters, belts and accessories, Galco Holsters has assembled a Holster Care Kit with the essentials needed to clean, condition and maintain your leather gear. Included in the kit is Galco’s Leather Lotion, Draw-EZ and application accessories.

Specially formulated to clean and preserve finished naked and exotic leathers, such as alligator, ostrich, and shark offered by Galco’s Custom Shop, Galco’s Leather Lotion is a wax-free formula designed to remove surface dirt and wear while also providing water resistance from the elements and perspiration. As for the inside of your holster, Galco’s Draw-EZ can shorten the break-in period and provide a slicker draw of your sidearm without being absorbed into the leather, altering the fit of the holster, or harming the finish on your firearm or holster.

The Holster Care Kit also includes an application dauber, synthetic wool buffing pad and foam scrub pad to make applying the Leather Lotion and Draw-EZ both easy and mess-free. MSRP is $34.

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