A Costly Friend

Talking to my friend Bob Baker of Freedom Arms usually ends up costing me money. This time was no different. I shared with Bob what I had in mind and it all started in the form of a Model 83 in .44 Magnum. The double-four can handle most anything within sane revolver ranges and I had lots of ammo, Redding dies, and a shelf full of reloading components. Regardless of whether it’s whitetail deer on the farm, wild boar, black bear, or just about any other critter I may pursue, the .44 Mag. can get the job done.

Next, I wanted a 10" barrel with a desire to squeeze out as much velocity as possible. I chose an octagon barrel — just because it’s cool! It weighs a tad bit more than a round barrel version and I wanted the extra weight to help mitigate recoil — but mainly because of cosmetics, to be honest. The barrel would wear an inverted crown. I opted for a sight deletion as I would fit a scope, so the barrel is naked. Freedom Arms offers their Lovell mount for scopes and it holds the optic securely.