A Close Look At Gun Cleaning

Mark ’Yer Cleaning Calendars

Do you keep a “home maintenance” calendar? You know, a list to keep track of when you should check your batteries in your smoke detector, aerate your lawn, etc. Well, how about one just as useful: a gun-cleaning calendar for your carry and range partners. With a bit of maintenance, you can keep your guns up and running — better to have ’em ready and not need them than the other way around, right?


BREAKTHROUGH Military-Grade Cleaning Solvent is a non-water-based distilled petroleum solvent with all carcinogens and hazardous waste materials virtually wiped out of the formula. It has no odor, is non-staining, removes all fouling, evaporates completely and leaves no residue — making it truly pH-neutral and safe for your gun’s wood, plastic, polymer, Cerakote or hydro-printing. BREAKTHROUGH’s Battle Born High-Purity Oil provides a high-quality lubrication option as well.


FIREClean is completely odorless and biodegradable, cleaning deeper than conventional brushing which uses noxious, hazardous solvents. The oil cleans embedded carbon fouling, fuses cleaning and lubricating functions, and will make your gun run like new. There’s essentially no smell!

Italian Clean

Aaron Iwanciw was already aware of the challenges friction plays in shooting and after a chat with an Italian chemist, learned friction reduction was possible with a formula the chemist designed. This original formula is known as True Grease and it remains one of Italian Gun Grease’s bestsellers. The company’s expanded True Grease product line has introduced lubricants specifically designed for sportsmen, tactical shooters and black powder enthusiasts.

J Dewey

Okay, if your repeat customer base includes several entities of the US Armed Forces, L.E. agencies and the USA Olympic shooting team, you just might be doing something right. J. Dewey Manufacturing is a small veteran-owned family business and has been supplying the shooting community with quality USA-made products since 1975. Their nylon-coated rods are the best I’ve found out there, period.


This handy Otis Technology’s Elite Cleaning System kit is about half the size of a soda can, and you can easily fit it into your pack. Having all the right tools in one complete and portable cleaning system at home, camp or on the range makes it easy to keep your guns running in top condition.

bore tips

Swab-its Gun-tips and Bore-tips are foam swabs — they’re reusable and completely fiber-free so they don’t shed. Both are perfect for cleaning and lubricating hard-to-reach places. One of the best features of Swab-its is they’re reusable — just wash them, let them dry and they’re ready to go again.


The Tipton 1911 padded neoprene mat features an exploded view of a 1911 to help you keep track of your gun’s bits during those deep-cleans. Excess oils and solvents are absorbed into the mat, keeping the surface clean and dry and it’s hand washable. If it wasn’t easy enough, the whole thing rolls up easily and can fit in your range box.