Gunnysack: Cerus Gear Gun Mats


Cleaning guns is a chore, so you might as well have a bit of fun with your workspace. The folks at Cerus have figured out the secret to printing cool stuff on proper gun maintenance mats. Yes, these padded mats have everything you’d expect for a purpose-built gun bench solution. The bottom is rubberized so it won’t move around on your work surface. The body of the mat is 1/8″ (3mm) vulcanized rubber with a soft heat bonded polyester, so they protect your firearms and prevent loose parts from rolling off into oblivion. The surface is solvent and oil resistant, so clean away with your favorite gun goop.

The real fun comes with the designs. There are hundreds from which to choose: gun schematics for your favorite model, patriotic designs, the obligatory “Don’t Tread on Me” and even an Iwo Jima commemorative. Available in handgun, plus, rifle and Magnum sizes.

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