Gunnysack: QuickLoad Revolver Speedloaders


The folks at QuickLoad have brought some new ideas to an old challenge — reloading DA revolvers. The RoundLoader has just one moving part and requires minimal dexterity to release its cartridges into the cylinder. When you stuff cartridges into the unit, they “lock” into place as the three-bladed base unit pops up to make room. To release them into your revolver … just push. That’s it. The expanded base “pops” and leaves the cartridges right where you want them — fully seated in the cylinder. The neat thing is there is no turning or gravity required.

The StripLoader uses a staggered approach, kind of like double-stack magazines. Present each segment of two cartridges to the cylinder and load both at once. Neat-o.

Both units come with protective covers. I leave those at home as I don’t want to mess with other things, but they’re handy for longer-term storage.

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