Handgunner Editor Picks: Holosun HE407K-GR X2 Green Dot Micro Handgun Sight


Holosun may apply cryptic model names to their sights, but they sure are making some fine red and green dots these days. You might have seen this one paired up with the new Taurus GX4 T.O.R.O. It’s a perfect complement to the new crop of optic-enabled compact carry pistols. Out of the box it fits the GX4 and SIG P365 pistols — other makes may require an adapter plate.

The HE407K is available with red and green dot options. This one features a 6 MOA green dot. It offers 12 brightness settings, two of which are night vision compatible. You can lock the brightness of the dot to preference and rely on the auto on/off function to bring it into operation. You can even change the “sleep timer” if you want — it’ll reactivate automatically with motion.

The unit runs on a single CR1632 battery accessible via a side tray, so you don’t have to remove the unit and lose zero when changing. MSRP: $276.46. For more info: Holosun.com

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