Handgunner Editor Picks: Hornady Keypad Safe


My fingers quickly and nimbly dance over the buttons, punching in the code in under a second. The lock clicks and a small LED illuminates the contents of the box as I flip open the lid. Hornady Security’s Keypad Safe is quite the upgrade from the barrel key lockbox I previously had, offering not only a quicker way to open but a more spacious interior. The box does come with two-barrel keys for manual opening, but the use of a code allows for more convenient and covert entry. I use this 16-gauge steel safe exclusively in my vehicle, looping the security cable around my seat base, though the box can be mounted as well. It accepts 4- and 6-digit codes and can accommodate 1911 size pistols and 4″ revolvers. I’ve been able to fit two pistols, ammo and small valuables in the unit comfortably. It’s proven a great asset, especially for securing valuables while traveling and accessing them after dark. MSRP: $129.99. For more info: Hornady.com

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