Handgunner's Gift Guide

6 quick must-have ideas!

Here is our annual compendium of conscientious consensus of what’s cool for you and your shooting buds. Take the cap off your highlighter and get to work leaving not-so-subtle hints! Note: Leaving color copies of this page, properly notated, in conspicuous locations is encouraged.

Cobra Act120 Radio

Cobra’s Model ACT120 “microTalk” radios are labeled as “wearable walkie talkies.” The built-in clip attaches them to pack straps, shirt collars, kids’ belts and other handy spots. They push-to-talk and ours managed a good half mile through our woods here, but they advertise farther. They’re USB rechargeable, have a 10-hour battery and cost about $50. That’s a .45 ACP in the pic for size.



Hygenall’s line of “get the lead out” hand cleaner addresses the elephant in the room for we shooters — lead contamination. Handy one-use wipes, soap, hand-scrub, spray surface cleaner and more meet any need you might have. Show ’em your love by assuring your shooting family stays lead-free!



Pro-Shot’s handy gun cleaning kits come in about all calibers and actually really do have everything you need to keep your pistola pristine. I like the fact they are self-contained and a great way to keep one handy in your range bag. At about $40, it’s way cheaper than buying all this stuff separately. Very high-quality components too.


SIG Sauer

SIG’s M17 Advanced Sport Pellet Air Pistol probably fooled you! It’s an airgun — not the real deal. Powered by CO2, it’s got a 20-shot magazine that drops free, a blow-back action and takes down just like the real machine. At $139.99 MSRP it gets you into the game in your own back yard — affordably!



SureFire’s Guardian is a two-lensed death ray of light! One button controls a long-throw beam while the other activates the flood, and everything in-between. If you need 15 to 1,000 lumens — you’ve got it. The “intelliBeam” technology will also auto-adjust beam intensity meeting your changing environment. Astounding performance, all around. MSRP is $179, and it’s USB rechargeable.



Lifelite’s “Non-Lethal Personal Defense Launcher” shoots police-style pepper balls up to 60 feet using regular CO2 cartridges. It also has a 350-lumen light, a laser, and fires five shots. It comes with inert practice balls, “live” pepper balls and three cartridges. Reload kits are available. This offers another “tool” in your defensive bag and might be just the thing for younger members of your family or those uncomfortable with firearms. It’s $299 and available online.


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