Holosun X2 Series

Including various red dot models, Holosun X2 optics will feature an innovative ‘Lock Mode’ in addition to their existing Auto (Solar Failsafe models only) and Manual Mode functions that will prevent inadvertent setting changes when carrying or the equipped pistol is being drawn/fired. Brightness settings buttons have also been resized accordingly to further prevent accidental changes.

While not an entirely new feature, the Lock Mode being adapted from previous law enforcement red dot pistol models, it does offer private citizens and competitive shooters the same user-friendly benefit.

In addition to the Lock mode, X2 series optics will feature a side-mounted battery compartment, enabling users to change the battery without having to remove the optic from the pistol and risk losing zero and time on the range.

The Holosun X2 series includes the following models: HS407C X2, HE407C-GR X2, HS407CO X2, HS507C X2, HS507C-GR X2, HS407K X2, HS507K X2, HE508T-RD X2 and HE508T-GR X2. MSRP ranges from $300-500, depending on model.

For more info: holosun.com