Holsters, Shucks And Gun Buckets

Some of today’s top holsters for CCW

There’s no question our guns are important for self-preservation, but there’s one piece of gear just as vital, yet often overlooked by some. Holsters protect, secure and help conceal handguns. Good holsters make carrying a gun almost unnoticeable, meaning you’re more apt to carry it all the time.

There are a lot of good holster companies out there making wear-worthy gear. Holsters are as personal a preference as underwear: What’s comfortable for one may not be right for another. Thankfully, we have a large selection of different styles from many different makers. I’m going to give you a small slice of the cross-section available today to help choose what’s right for you.

Kirkpatrick Leather K-400

Kirkpatrick Leather’s K-400 Detective Carry shoulder holster has an open-mouth design reducing the overall length of the holster, and its versatility allows different length barrels to be carried. It’s a thumb-break design and the whole rig is double-stitched at the stress points. Holsters are gun-specific and custom hand molded for a secure fit. The soft, durable leather harness assures both comfort and security. MSRP: Starting at $140.

Blackhawk M-Boss 1911 5"

Blackhawk’s all-leather M-Boss holster is retention-adjustable for a custom fit. The finish of the main body resembles a “Kydex” pattern with traditional-looking leather trim. This 1911 holster is built with a traditional back loop and trailing belt-slot attachment points to pull the gun tight against the body when cinching a belt. The M-Boss has a reinforced sight channel to protect the front sight and ensures a smoother draw by avoiding gouges and dragging. MSRP: $79.95.

1791 Gunleather Project Stealth

1791 Gunleather Project Stealth holsters are the first-ever to fuse flexible, woven carbon fiber with premium steerhide, giving these patent-pending holsters an enhanced retention system. The carbon fiber is bonded into the holster and is malleable but doesn’t stretch for a truly custom fit and everlasting retention. Additionally, the interior of the holster is finished in smooth leather. MSRP: Starting at $99.99.

Ken Aker 176 Statesman

Aker’s IWB Statesman (formerly known as the Patriot) is one of the most comfortable, well-fitting inside-the-waistband holsters you’ll ever wear and is designed for optimal concealed carry of most popular-sized semi-automatics. Aker employs a unique molding process to precisely fit a firearm for optimal retention. Two belt loops, attached using Chicago-style screws and solid one-way snaps, will fit belts up to 1.75″ wide. MSRP: $84.50.

Versacarry Compound OWB

Versacarry’s new Compound holster is a hybrid of sorts, blending the beauty of distressed water buffalo hide and the modern marvels of Kydex. The end product is a holster with the warmth and look of leather and the shape-forming attributes and stiffness of Kydex. Two belt slots allow positive anchoring to your torso for a safe, secure means of packing your piece. MSRP: $86.99

Barranti Leather Summer Classic

The Summer Classic by “Doc” Barranti of Barranti Leather is an all-leather IWB holster designed for warm weather, when concealment can be more challenging. This “rough side”-out IWB leather holster provides added friction against clothing and skin, helping to keep the gun from shifting. Mated with a custom adjustable belt loop, comfort and security are assured as you choose the angle you want your holster positioned. MSRP: Starting at $125.

Tenicor Velo AIWB

Velo is a Latin verb meaning “to hide, conceal or cover” and Tenicor’s Velo AIWB holster offers just that for your gun. Tenicor uses Kydex, the wonderful polymer which forms around a pistol like a second skin. The Velo comes with three different ways to anchor itself to a belt: Tenicor T1 metal clips, and two types of synthetic belt loops — one with snaps and the other a closed loop. Select the best option for your comfort and peace of mind. MSRP: $95.

Simply Rugged Pancake

Rob Leahy has been making holsters for 14 years. His pancake-style holsters provide darn near complete coverage of a gun, providing protection and security from the harsh elements life can offer, yet allow for a quick and smooth draw at the same time. His holsters are versatile, allowing for both IWB carry by simply adding carry straps, or OWB, by utilizing the punched belt slots. MSRP: Starting at $60.

MTR Custom Leather

MTR’s new deluxe ambidextrous inside-the-waistband (AIWB) holster is a quality leather holster providing full-coverage of your pistol, including the trigger guard. By use of a claw in front and wedge in the rear, the gun grip is pushed flush with your body, allowing you to carry/conceal a larger firearm. When ordering, you have the ability to build the custom holster of your dreams with the features you want. Options include open or closed toe, exotic leathers, liner color, thread color and more. MSRP: Starting at $89.99.

Milt Sparks 55-BN Bruce Nelson

The 55-BN’s well-boned features lend to its rugged good looks, while also providing excellent retention characteristics. A stitched leather strap reinforces the holster mouth, promoting one-handed holstering and drawing. The combination double belt loop consists of a traditional stitched loop with punched rear slot, providing a secure anchor system by pulling the holster and gun butt tight against the torso. MSRP: Starting at $110.

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