How I Carry

Diamond D Custom Leather Shoulder Holster

I don’t always carry a Glock 26 in a shoulder holster...

…but when I do, it’s usually in a Diamond D Custom Leather rig. This good-looking, functional system retails for $210 and is hand made from American saddle leather.

Custom molded to your gun the shoulder system offers tie downs on each side, a thumb break for the gun holster, and a double mag pouch on the opposite side. Fully adjustable to accommodate all kinds of body sizes, the holster also features a tension screw to accommodate all kinds of preferences in draw effort.

Although a shoulder holster works really well under a jacket, I like to wear it under a hoodie or some other loose fitting sweatshirt. It takes only slightly longer to access and deploy the gun but maximizes concealment.

Shoulder holsters demand a “hands-off” approach with friends. Any hugs will likely result in someone feeling something under your arms and anyone who puts a hand on your upper back may feel the leather straps hidden under your sweatshirt or jacket. Other than that, these rigs are comfortable, balanced, and provide fast access to a gun and two reloads.

One other thing to be aware of: A gun holstered in this rig has more than adequate protection of the trigger and trigger guard so there’s no fear of the trigger accidentally moving backward and causing the gun to discharge. But, the gun sits horizontal in the holster, its barrel pointing directly behind you. Other than that, there’s no trying to fit a holster into a waistband, no leaning to one side to favor a hidden gun, and no quirky movements needed to draw and put a gun into action.

Learn more at Diamond D Custom Leather.

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