InvictaSafe Secure Display

Securely Display Your Favorite Gun


Hey, we all love our guns, right? And most of us have at least one or two “special” guns we consider working pieces of art. We’d love to hang them on the wall without fear or worry of them being stolen while also keeping them secure from curious kids.

Well guess what? The fine folks at InvictaSafe are releasing a secure, lockable picture frame for the likes of you and me. Now we can proudly display our sentimental shooter on the wall of our choice where it can be rightly admired daily by our family and friends.

This design not only allows us to display, it also allows us to access our shooter should the need arise.



Picture Perfect Solution

InvictaSafe came up with the innovative idea of building a box within a box for this picture frame safe. The hinged 14-gauge steel back panel has two rows with three bolt holes each, so the whole works can be bolted down to two individual studs. You can bolt it on top of the drywall or cut through the drywall to recess-mount the frame.

The frame itself is made of 12-gauge steel and can be opened with your choice of key, combination or biometric lock. A crystal clear piece of ballistic glass is imbedded into the steel frame so you can admire your firearm in a secure setting. The glass has been tested against attacks from a pickaxe, sledgehammer and even gunfire, and entry was not obtained.


There’s More!

A magnetic backing allows placement of the gun in any position to give it the “floating” look we all admire. A variety of felt backing colors are available, including, but not limited to red, green, gold and black. LED lights surround the frame’s interior to showcase your gun at its best. Also, different frames are available to match your home décor.

The frame safe can be integrated with your home alarm system, and GPS tracking is also available in the unlikely event someone manages to remove the unit from the wall.

Behind the colorful backing is a secret compartment for ammunition and other valuables. Access is as simple as swinging the felt-lined steel backing as you’d turn a page in a book. Frame Safe is a family-run business and everything is built right here in the USA.

MSRP starts at $799.99. At next week’s grand opening release during the NRA Meetings, they’ll be offering a show special price of $649 at booth number 4824. Larger sizes are in the making for rifles.

For more info:, Ph: (833) 200-5026

Here’s a video from Youtube showing you what the InvictaSafe is all about. View Video Now

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