L.E. Wilson Headspace Gauges


When reloading some .357 SIG the other day, it occurred to me how much I use a quiet and humble set of accessories on my reloading bench.

The L.E. Wilson case gauges are designed to easily check and verify the minimum and maximum lengths of both pistol and rifle cases. Drop a case in, and you’ll see where the mouth sits in the opposite side groove cut in the top of the gauge. Couldn’t be easier or faster.

The company makes a variety of case-length gauges for straight wall and bottleneck cartridges. I have both, and they’ve become indispensable. While pistol calibers are less sensitive to “stretching,” it still happens, and a quality gauge like this will help you master your resizing operations. It’s also a fast way to sort lots of brass for the “cutter” and ready-to-load piles.

Check out the company’s loaded cartridge gauges too. You won’t appreciate what you’ve been missing until you use them. LEWilson.com

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