Less is More: New XS Minimalist Night Sights


New XS Sights Minimalist Night Sights are available for popular GLOCK models, like the G19.

Used to express the view that a minimalist approach to artistic or aesthetic matters is more effective, the phrase ‘less is more’ can certainly apply to handgun sights. After all, iron sight preference is a personal choice and can vary by need. New for 2021, XS Sights seems to have taken that phrase to heart with the introduction of their new Minimalist Night Sights.

Machined from solid U.S. Steel, the new Minimalist sets feature a new blacked-out, serrated rear sight with wide notch, providing shooters with a simple and effective sight alignment to drive focus to the photoluminescent tritium front sight. While not a new concept, the “blank” rear sight is the first of its kind for XS Sights, whose R3D, F8 and DXT2 series handgun sights feature one or multiple tritium vials in the rear sight. However, the Minimalist Night Sights do share the same dimensions as the similar R3D sights, with a 0.170” rear sight notch and 0.145” wide front sight blade.

Less is more, the XS Sights Minimalist Night Sights feature a blacked-out rear sight.

Currently available for popular GLOCK handgun models in .380 ACP, 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP, shooters can choose from standard and suppressor height Minimalist sights. And because the sights have reduced tritium, XS Sights can offer them at a reduced cost of just $59.99 for standard height and $69.99 for suppressor height.

For more info: xssights.com