Maglula UpLULA


Okay, so I can be slow on the uptake sometimes, like “discovering” the binge-worthy streaming show everyone else has already seen.

The UpLULA has been around for years (and years), but it’s just as handy now as the day it was released. Out of sheer laziness and habit, I’ve been loading thumb-busting pistol mags the old-fashioned way, well, forever. Finally tiring of trying to jam that last round or two in magazines, I’ve relocated the UpLULA from my wife’s shooting bag to mine. Let’s keep that between us.

The universal model will load most .380 ACP to .45 ACP single- or double-stack magazines. The clever design uses a table or shooting bench combined with the strength of your whole arm to overpower the most stubborn magazine springs. It’s easier to watch than explain, so check out the video on the company’s website to see exactly how it works. While you’re there, check out the other offerings for .22LR and rifle magazines.

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