Nate Squared (N82) Tactical Revenant Holster


How you strap your shooter on is as personal as the type of underwear you wear, and … how often you choose to change them. Like our bloomers, comfort and security are top considerations when selecting a holster. Some IWB designs end up smelling like unchanged undies after they absorb sweat and/or other bodily fluids, and make your shuck rather unsavory.

Nate Beard and Nate Johnson, the two Nate’s who started Nate Squared (N82) Tactical, came up with the perfect solution for these unintended consequences by providing us with a comfortable IWB holster that securely holds our heater and even allows us to tuck our shirt in while carrying.

N82 Holsters

The Revenant

New for this year is the Revenant holster. The Revenant is available in two retention options, the Twist Release positive retention system and the Straight Draw standard retention system.

The Twist Release system is just that, a simple twist of the gun is the only thing needed to release it from the non-mechanical, polycarbonate holster. There’s no need to worry about mechanical failure from this simple design.

The Straight Draw system is made with 0.093 Kydex and is a great option for those who don’t want, or need, a positive retention holster. The friction fit holster securely holds a shooter in place as a simple draw releases it from its confines.

With either retention level you choose, you will be amazed at how comfortable carrying inside the waistband can be. With a 30-day return option, combined with a lifetime warranty, you can’t lose! Check out the Revenant and all the other holster options at today!

N82 Holsters


A Practical Approach

All Nate Squared Tactical holsters utilize a patented three-layer design. The comfortable suede backing contacts your hide, while a durable, yet pliable facing leather is against your gun. Sandwiched between is a layer of neoprene, adding another layer of protection for your skin from the hardware anchoring the holster to the facing leather, but more importantly, adding a moisture barrier from sweat-induced dampness.

For you tender-skinned tenderfoots lacking calluses on your hide, there’s no need to wear a T-shirt with this holster, either. The supple suede backing protects your soft underbelly from any rough edges. With the adjustable retention clip a custom cant is possible giving the Revenant a perfect angle for your body.

Nate Squared Tactical started in 2009, and this year marks their 10th anniversary. Both models have an MSRP of $69.95.

For more info:, Ph: (336) 237-1943.