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Okay, this gets wife-Suzi’s approval, and not many things get that rating. Tired of the Barbie-pink “this” and tasteless-colored “that” Suzi’s eyes perked right up when I showed her Sandi Keller’s website. The classy tones and lack of histrionics and bling shows Sandi’s ideas of what a lady-shooter might like certainly raises the bar. Starting OffHand Gear in 2012 with the design and development of the “NORB” (No Ordinary Range Bag), she branched out into AR-related accessories and continues to grow the hugely popular NORB line too. And since we virtually all own AR-style rifles as “accessories” to our handguns, I wanted to share a bit of Sandi’s work.

OffHand Gear’s patterned handguards are slimmer to better fit a woman’s usually smaller hand. Made in America, they feature beveled edges for a smooth feel and are of lightweight aluminum. They’re also pre-drilled for Picatinny rail installation. Like her other gear, Sandi makes sure the AR-related accessories are “female friendly,” as she says.

Our sample is rose gold and dove gray and frankly we think it’s a fetching combination. The carefully detailed roses are supported with vines and a stag head — if you look closely! The patterned handguards can also be supported with matching Magpul buttstocks and pistol grips. Various custom colors and designs are available. Suzi likes the fact this sort of classy style shows a lady can be feminine and competent too. Or, as Sandi’s website promises: “Don’t choose between femininity and badassery — we’ll help you do both.”
I’m tending to agree 100 percent. This is fun stuff and is a great way to keep shooting interesting for your favorite lady. Make sure you check out OffHand Gear’s other very cool range gear. For more info:, Ph: (480) 204-2642

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