Pachmayr Guardian Grips


If you’ve been around for a bit, you’ll likely recall those iconic Pachmayr rubber grips from the 1970s. They pretty much revolutionized grip ideas for revolvers and early autos. I recall Pachmayr grips riding on just about every cop’s gun I saw in duty holsters during my early — and even later — police career. Today, Pachmayr, now a division of Lyman Products, has expanded to include a wide range of grips (including the original lines), gunsmith tools, recoil pads, 1911 accessories, snap caps, grip extenders and a cool thing called a Slide Rack Assist to help you run a semi-auto slide. But this new J-Frame “Guardian Grip” is more than just a compact grip for a small revolver. One of the challenges of shooting a J-Frame is managing the recoil, especially if you’re silly enough to shoot .357 Magnums in one. With most compact grips, the little pinky finger slips off the bottom end and you lose a great deal of gripping surface and strength.

The Guardian does something I’ve never seen before. When you assume a firing grip, your hand closes naturally on a big button on the front of the grip, right behind the trigger guard. When you squeeze, the button is activated, releasing a “pinky finger rest” enclosed in the grip bottom. The rest snaps out briskly and suddenly your pinky has a place to land. The photo shows it next to a J-Frame I had on-hand with factory grips offering pinky support. You can see the Guardian is more compact with the support up, but is about the same as the bigger grip when down. The only challenge is you need to make sure to keep your pinky finger out from under the grip while the rest snaps out. Then close it onto it. It really does work, just takes a bit of use to get comfortable with, and offers a huge difference in grip feel and support. About $49.98 at MSRP. For more info: ; Ph: (800) 225-9626.

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