pepperball compact


I was always worried about the pepper spray I carried in my purse. I never planned to use it, and to be honest, I wasn’t comfortable with it. I wasn’t afraid to carry it with me, but rather worried I’d spray myself with it or waste so much time trying to figure out how to use it the point would be moot. Enter the Pepperball Compact. This 6.9″ device is a single shot, reloadable and non-lethal personal protection device. It fires a Pepperball projectile with a launch distance of up to 30 feet, nearly 3x the range of my old pepper spray. The Pepperball contains pepper blend irritant that bursts into a cloud upon impact, spreading 12–15 feet in diameter. The Compact is intuitive — switch to fire and press the button, much easier than my keychain model and easily concealable.

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