Pistol Accessories

pistol personalization make ’em yours

Today we’re deluged with tempting new gun designs sure to stretch anyone’s fertile imagination. But this doesn’t mean the need to gussie things up isn’t a must-do too. Sure, factory offerings are more varied than ever, but bless them … accessory makers are keeping up, teasing us with goodies to enhance, accelerate and, as my daughter used to say, “Prettify!” things. So get crackin’ and send us some pics of your idea of a “perfect” look! Email us at [email protected], and don’t dally — we’ll share ’em on Facebook.

The Apex “Freedom” edition triggers not only fly the flag but enhance your S&W M&P while they do it. The flat-face, forward-set trigger kit reduces pre- and over-travel, and allows you to set your finger lower to increase leverage. Add in lowering pull weight, changing travel to match a 1911’s trigger — and easy installation — this is an easy and important change-out for your M&P — $184.95. www.apextactical.com

Birchwood Casey’s “Gun Plumber” folding tool is chock full of can-do trappings. Hiding inside is a cleaning rod, range rod, 1911 bushing wrench, torx and hex blades, pin pusher and a threaded rod for jags and brushes. A “one-tool” toolbox for any shooter — $19.99.


We used to use skateboard tape on grips in the old days, but Decal Grip is way ahead of us now. Their pre-cut kits fit most polymer pistols, offering an easy way to get a grippy feel going on your favorite roscoe. Clean the surface, peel off the panel and apply. Presto, you’re done. Very easy and works great — around $10.


Cerakote isn’t a do-it-yourself spray-on finish. You need training, the right equipment or, better yet, get a professional to apply it. It’s a polymer-ceramic composite coating you can apply to metal, plastic, polymers and even wood! It enhances abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, resists impacts and ramps up hardness. Durable? You can Cerakote an engine piston for crying out loud! And it comes in about any color or color combo you can imagine.


Ergo is famous for their innovative grips and accessories for all sorts of guns and is a go-to source for AR-style grips. Their Flat Top grips (shown) come in a host of cool colors too. Their new TDX-0 is a deluxe “zero angle” grip (vertical) for ARs and AR pistols and changes the whole way they feel. From around $20 and up depending on product.


A holster is like a rifle sling — you gotta’ have some way to carry your handgun when it’s not, um … in your hand. Galco’s top-quality Speed Master 2.0 is a paddle/belt combo rig and just the ticket for CCW, range or training use. Made of premium steerhide with an adjustable tensioner, the belt slot can be adjusted for different widths and ride heights and fits up to a 13/4″ width — $86.


Galloway Precision sells a gazillion performance enhancing bits and accessories for virtually any common defensive pistol out today. Hubby Huntington recently installed this kit for his Ruger LCPII, including their Sigurd short stroke trigger, mag extension, steel guide rod and spring, Traction Grip Overlay and enhanced recoil spring (use your stock inner spring). He said their online video walking you through the installation makes it easy if you have some tool skills. He’s smiling now and said the parts worked great — around $70 or so for this batch.


Hogue’s “Handall” Beavertail Grip Sleeves slip right onto your GLOCKs (or other pistol models) really ramping up the game when it comes to holding onto things. There’s a gentle palm swell and the unique construction helps to soften recoil too. It’s covered in Hogue’s classic “Cobblestone” texture to-boot. About $10.95 to $12.95 depending on the model.


OT Defense is a small veteran-owned start-up offering kits so you can stipple your own gun. It’s a fun, simple way to add some serious “grip” to your polymer pistol frame, customizing it at the same time. This is their “fancy” kit, coming with everything you would ever need, including practice panels. It’s made in the USA and contains every single tip they make! I say, start big and end big! Share the cost with some buddies and everyone can give it a try — $192.99 with a 30-watt burner. There are lower priced starter kits too if you don’t want to share.


Rival Arms has essentially upped the game when it comes to after-market GLOCK parts. From slides and barrels to night sights, slide completion kits and more, all the parts are user-installable and I’d call them “best quality” for sure. Everything except the Tritium is made in the USA. Rival Arms helps you get the custom look and performance without the custom gunsmith costs.


XS Sights’ DXT2 Big Dot Night Sights expands on the “Big Dot” concept, introducing “Optic Yellow” and “Optic Orange” with Tritium inserts. These Big Dot sights use a patent-pending colored glow dot, causing the sight to glow before it’s dark enough to see the Tritium center. A set of original Big Dots made my police quals a breeze in the olden days. These are direct replacements for your existing Big Dot sights if you want to upgrade — $132.


Brand new from Pachmayr are their Alume grips. Made of a composite of aluminum mesh encapsulated in a translucent epoxy resin. The result is a very cool sort of 3-D look and texture. Available in black, green, blue, brown and red (shown), the pattern has some serious “depth” when you see it in person. A real upgrade for your favorite 1911 — $99.98.