Leaky Gun Cleaning

I don’t keep cleaning gear in the range box for a couple of reasons. To be really useful the kit would have to accommodate bore sizes from .22 to .45. An Otis Universal kit would do it but the full kit is too useful (and a bit expensive) to leave in the range box. The other reason is gun-cleaning fluids in the range box inevitably seem to leak. I’d rather select the appropriate clean/lube items needed for the firearm in use.

Electronic gear like chronographs, timers, weather meters, Lyman electronic trigger pull gauge, or laser rangefinders likewise get packed separately as needed. Spare batteries are a good idea, though you don’t want to overdo it. Pack too many and they can lay unused so long, they’ll be dead just when you need them. I almost always have a camera bag along with a few useful accessories, including a battery tester. The camera bag also has a lens cleaning kit with a soft brush, lens cleaning fluid, cleaning paper and a soft cloth. If I didn’t have the camera bag these accessories would go in the range box. What’d I leave out? What’s in your range box we don’t know about?

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