REAL AVID Smart Drive 90


I know, I know, you’re sick and tired of us reminding you to use dedicated screwdrivers when cranking screws on your guns. So, in light of this, I’ll go ahead and remind you again — use the best you can afford! I’ve got a set of quality gunsmith screw drivers I’ve had for 35 years and hardly a day goes by I’m not reaching for one or two. Yet, I can’t count the number of cheapo standard screw driver sets I’ve gone through during the same time in my shop, working on equipment, cars and such. They’re often just too tempting to pass up. “Wow, a 50-piece screwdriver and Torx head set for only $5.99!” Then they bend and break at the first use. Why do we insist on taking the bait? Ditto for socket sets, eh?

But Real Avid’s latest for smart shooters ramps up the game with 87 tool steel-grade bits (Torx, Allen, Phillips and Standard), along with two driver handles. No cheapo stuff here, nothing but high quality materials and design. The bigger driver has a “Jeweler’s Spin Top” so you can turn screws in one-handed. The shorter handle gets you into tight places, or sort of “plugs” into the side of the big handle, acting like a side-handle on a grinder so you can put some real torque on a screw to get it out or tighten it.

The bigger handle also has a built-in LED light to shine right on the spot you’re working, and the tip is magnetic so bits stay in place when you’re using them. The lid of the kit opens wide for easy access and the whole kit lives right on the work bench not taking up much room. I like the fact it gives you a place for everything and everything in its place. My rule is take a bit out, use it, then put it back. This way they’re always there the next time you need them.

Real Avid has quickly developed a reputation for inventing cool, practical tools and accessories for cleaning, maintenance and equipping your workbench. Their hammer and punch sets and AR-related tools are essential if you do your own work. Which most of us do! The Smart Drive 90 is $99.99 at MSRP but you’re getting a kit with virtually every bit you’ll ever need, two methods to put them to use and the light, jeweler’s feature and more.

Did we tell you to use dedicated gun screwdrivers, by the way? For more info: Real Avid,, Ph: (800) 286-0567

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